Meet Jonathan

With a laser focus on building and managing organizations that do well by doing good, Jonathan Gregory has had a prominent career in the sustainability movement. His entrepreneurial backbone has helped shape companies, nonprofits, and municipalities in diverse ways, all with the common vision of educating and creating opportunities for a more socially and environmentally responsible future.

Jonathan has attained perspectives on a wide scope of social and economic engines through his experience as a personal and professional coach, a small business entrepreneur, an business consultant, and manager of nationally recognized entities (both public and private). These collective experiences, matched with an unwavering commitment to making personal connections the people around him helps Jonathan foster healthy professional relationships.

Here’s an extended summary of his experiences, in case you were interested…

He graduated from the University of New Hampshire in 2007 with a business administration degree and concentrations in entrepreneurship and management. After graduation, Jonathan spearheaded the development of an environmentally responsible home goods store that broke through the barriers of conscious consumerism. His team immediately found themselves in an educational role, providing transparency to its customers in a world of corporate retailing known for its fine print disclosures. In response to public demand for knowledge, they created a 26-point “eco-icon” platform that helped consumers determine the social and environmental value of the products they purchased.

These experiences introduced Jonathan to the big wide world of sustainability and how our choices as consumers can make incremental changes, for the positive. Areas of interest like the social wellbeing of the manufacturers employees, the environmental and health impacts of using one ingredient over another, and choosing local and US-made products were just a few important issues that inspired his youth as an entrepreneur to dig deeper.

As an active member of the Main Street community, Jonathan found himself serving in civic, non-profit, and volunteer positions that focused on a variety of social and environmental issues. He coordinated educational programs like the Green Living Film and Panel Discussion Series and managed the development of a Green Business Trade Association. Finding purpose as an educator, collaborator and organizer, Jonathan gained traction in the community one relationship after another, and was soon recognized among the leaders in his community as a reliable partner and professional resource.

Working as an educator and collaborator naturally led to his involvement with various local business and non-profit operators as a business consultant. However, when the opportunity arose to get in at the ground level of a solar energy installation company, he couldn’t resist. Two things you should know about Jonathan is for him, getting involved in start-ups is like a kid walking into a candy shop – he simply can’t retain his excitement – and the other thing is that he just wants to make tangible differences in the community and local economy. The solar industry is a shinning example of how we can leverage sustainability development goals for meaningful job creation and greater economic equity. It’s a win-win-win situation for the people, the planet, and the economy – hence why he was so passionate about being involved in the industry during its preliminary growth years.

Four years of dedicated service later, the solar industry was growing at the fastest pace ever, and Jonathan was a member of the leadership team for the second largest company in New England (17th in the Country). As a major contributor to regional collaboration, they were singlehandedly mitigating more greenhouse gas emissions than any other industry in the area. The energy market is both interestingly complex and astoundingly important because it touches every person in our society in very direct ways. Working in the solar industry enlightened Jonathan to the interconnectedness of energy, the environment and the economy.

Being the supportive husband that he is, Jonathan made the move with his wife Lindsay to the Lone Star State of Texas as she pursued her Doctorate in Choral Conducting from the University of North Texas. Now based in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, Jonathan serves as a Sustainability Reporting Specialist for the City of Denton – one of the fastest growing cities in the country! Refining his craft to a larger degree, he has gained valuable experience boiling down institutional operations into the appropriate standardized reporting platforms.

Jonathan has continued to serve as an advisor for his fellow community members through each of these experiences. Building on these values, he has gained concentrated knowledge through a variety of certification programs like the International Society of Sustainability Professionals, the Global Reporting Initiative, the North American Board of Certified Energy Professionals, and the Climate Disclosure Project. He is now applying this diverse background and extended learning opportunities in newly profound ways through his private consulting practice, Alden Project Management.