Welcome Sustainability Leaders

It’s the 21st Century, sustainability initiatives are a common practice among private and public entities. Whether it’s for the triple bottom line, attracting customers or investors, or just a part of your core values, tracking and reporting these activities has become increasingly difficult due to their complex data sets and constantly evolving concepts. Thanks to various national and global standardizations that are effectively easing those burdens with universal metrics and digitalized software, you can now be recognized as a sustainability leader in your industry.

Alden Project Management (APM) has positioned itself as a reputable service provider for those seeking to become certified or report their business activities on any number of these standardized platforms. APM helps your organization navigate through the process of sharing your goals, strategies, and accomplishments with your stakeholders in a comprehensible and transparent manner.

APM specializes in the following platforms – B Corporation (B Corp), Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), ICLEI Local Governments for Sustainability (GPC and ClearPath), and STAR Communities (Sustainability Tools for Assessing & Rating Communities). If you are pursuing certification by or looking to report with any of these organizations, we can help you get there with our full range of professional services.




“Jonathan Gregory has been an “A team” performer ever since he joined ReVision Energy. In his multi-faceted role as branch manager of the company’s Concord, NH location, Jonathan is responsible for personnel management, sales, marketing and strategic direction. In addition to being the top sales performer, Jonathan has led everyone on his team to deliver strong results. He wrote the company’s two winning community Solarize bid proposals to date in NH, and then led the marketing and sales initiatives that made the programs highly successful in attracting new residential and commercial customers. Jonathan is a consummate professional with deep experience in the renewable energy industry, political advocacy and the sustainability movement. Most importantly, he sticks to his values both personally and professionally. He is great example of doing well by doing good, and of someone who truly follows the golden rule in life.” – Phil Coupe

Branch Manager and Sales Manager

“I have known Jonathan for the last three years from my work as a regional planner and specifically the work for the Program for Alternative Transportation and Health (PATH). During this time, Jonathan has been a strong ally as we’ve worked together on trying to improve air quality and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Jonathan’s efforts to help people understand the importance of protecting New Hampshire’s environment and great spaces allow me to further the mission of my organization in ways I wasn’t before I knew him. For example, Jonathan has been a fixture of my planning team  with the annual Commute Green New Hampshire program and he has helped with things like getting the word out to audiences I’ve never connected with and helped me maintain good working relationships with those groups. Jonathan has also been a great asset in helping me think more strategically about connecting to people and understanding environmental concerns from many different constituents.

I highly recommend working with Jonathan on any project that you can because he’s a true go-getter.” – Nicholas J. Coates

Alternative Transportation Volunteer